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Secure Underground Car park and Car Wash Ltd. Situated  Canary Wharf, Isle Of Dogs. East London E14 8RH

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The maximum height of a vehicle that can enter the Canary Car park and Wash Ltd is 3.275 Metres in Height which applies to the van route. The general clearance height for the car park is 2.275 Metres in Height, however, there are areas with a maximum clearance of 2.025 Metres Height.

Height restrictions Canary Car Park and Wash LTD
Overnight secure Car Park and Car Wash Height restrictions London Canary Wharf E14 8RH 0207-537-3250


Canary Car Park & Wash LTD Parking Tariffs



We are a massive underground very secure parking space. We have a Car wash and excellent Valet services.

Canary Car Park & Wash is open 24 hours a day with Full CCTV.

We offer the cheapest prices because You can Book Direct with us.

We don’t have a middle man so it works out so much cheaper we offer Long and short stays.

You can even park on an hourly basis if you like. If you would like to Pre-book with us and call us on our Direct office number.


Our excellent parking is central to all amenities in Canary Wharf.

We are easily accessible for all commuters and Visitors. Day works. Long term parking short term parking. We can practically accommodate all your needs. East Londons Isle of Dogs is so central to everything. Even West London Tower Bridge. All the major hotels there are so near to us.

Just park up with us. It works out so much cheaper. Cutting out the hassles of all the London traffic and not forgetting the extortionate parking fees you will have to pay in West London. You won’t even have to pay the Congestion Charge as we are not in the congestion charge zone.

The Congestion Charge is an £11.50 daily charge for driving a vehicle within the charging zone between 07:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday. The easiest way to pay is by registering for Congestion Charge Auto Pay.

Exemptions and discounts are available. Please be aware of any Websites or elsewhere selling you the congestion charges.

This is highly illegal. You can go to the Real Congestion Charge Transport for London  Legit site right here. This link will direct you straight to the pages for the Congestion Charges. You can also find out if you are affected by the emissions surcharge.


This image below is the whole area mapped that charges just about everyone for the congestion charge.

Congestion Charge zone and area and a link to the Legit Gov website.


Want to go sightseeing. The London Eye is out of this world. It isn’t that far from Canary Car Park and Wash Ltd. We are open 24 hours so you don’t have to worry if you feel like staying in West London longer. Just give us a call.

We can come to some arrangement we certainly won’t be putting Clamps on your Car that’s for sure. We give you 15 minutes leeway if you’re going to be late. Just call us and let us know.

Canary Wharf Is such a beautiful place in the evening it has an array of shops Restaurants. The skyline on the Isle of Dogs is magnificent.

Weekend visitors.

With an abundance of 5-star hotels and magnificent Apartments that you can rent out. Why pay the extortionate prices of hotel parking. Come along and park with us. We are by far the cheapest in East London. Believe it or not, you can save yourself an absolute fortune parking with us. London comes with Hefty Price tags for parking.

Why be worried about where your car or van or R.V is parked up. Let us take the worry out of it for you. Park with us and be sure that when you return your car is still as it was when you left it.

Not only that we offer a superb Car Wash Service and Valet service. Just check out some of our Instagram Videos on what we really do. Our customers are happy with us all the time. We take care of you and your Car.  Less stress less worries its as simple as that. Go out and enjoy yourselves.

Eat out in Canary Wharf

The Docklands Light Railway (DLR)

Offers high-frequency links between two of the world’s most important financial districts – The City and Docklands – and regeneration areas in east and south-east London. we are located so close to the Docklands Light Railway.

Six extensions were added to the original network since 1987 to Bank (1991), Beckton (1994), Lewisham (1999), London City Airport (2005), Woolwich Arsenal (2009) and Stratford International (2011)

To get access to all the Maps. You can go directly to the London Website right here. 


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